If you start googling for software engineer interview preparation or interview questions, you would find many resources. It takes you a long time to know which one would help you in the short amount of time you have till your first interview. Here, a list of resources that we think every candidate should be familiar with before their interviews:

  1. LeetCode: It’s on top of my list. Specially, if you apply for giant companies. The “medium” difficulty category is what you can expect in interviews.
  2. HackerRank algorithms (also competition for more advanced users, might not very useful for interviews).
  3. GeeksforGeeks : Great explanations for different algorithm questions. To me it’s a kind of organized algorithm question bank.
  4. Programming – InterviewBit: Specially I liked their System Design questions.
  5. CareerCup : Good when you want to practice for a specific company (you can restrict the search result based on company/role). However, it’s very messy and you might see duplicated questions. Furhter, the correctness of answers is not guaranteed since they are proposed by regular users.
  6. Glassdoor : Good if you want to see people’s experiences in interviews with different companies. Candidates sometimes post questions being asked in their interviews as well.
  7. Design Patterns: If you have enough time to prepare, I highly recommend reading the book Head First Design Patterns. It’s a long read but is really worth. specially, if you don’t have much prior background on design pattern.

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