You might have seen (or have experienced yourself) that some people say they rock in their interviews but they got rejected. Most of the time they say statements like “I answered all the questions” or “I did very well in the interview” but they still cannot pass the interview.

Further, they might accuse the interviewer to be unprofessional, not easy to communicate, or even racist! But when you ask for more details of the interview session, you notice clear red flags in the candidate’s responses.

Here, we list some common and simple mistakes that many candidates make in software engineering interviews resulting their rejection:

  • Not being prepared for behavioral questions: Behavioral questions are essential parts of interviews. If you want to think for minutes to remember “your most challenging technical problems” or cannot bring a good answer about “the time you had conflict with your manager”, you are screwed.
  • Jumping to the answer: Always try to ask clarifying questions from the interviewer before proposing or writing any solution.
    Not knowing well about the target company: If you don’t know much about the company, you are automatically fall into rejection bucket! Always try to research about the company, their product/services, clients, etc. before the interview.
  • Not having a good answer for the question “why applying for us?”: If you bring answers like free food, high salary, and stuff like that in response to the question why would you like to join Facebook or Google you might not have chance to work in those companies.
  • Disgracing your past company, manager, or coworker: Try to bring kind words when describing your past company or colleagues. How about “you were not challenged enough in the past company where you were working with some angels!” ?
  • Not sending Thank You! email after interview: Some companies are taking this seriously. So always send your warm thanks to the interviewers after the session.

During our mock technical interview sessions, we also evaluate candidates on non-technical related stuff since they are as important as technical part and can affect the final Yes/No vote.

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